Acupuncture Supplies from Acuspring!

Acuspring offer a wide range of Acupuncture Supplies. Including Oils and Creams, Clinical Accessories and much more! Check out the Acupuncture Supplies Section!

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High Quality Acupuncture Needles from Acuspring!

Acupuncture Needles of all shapes and sizes for your Acupuncture needs! Place your order today and we will ship out your order the Next Day!

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Books and Charts from Acuspring!

Acuspring offer a huge range of Books and Charts. Check out the Books and Charts Section and find the perfect book to accompany your profession!

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What is Acuspring?

Acuspring is a company founded by acupuncturists trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture with over 10 years experience in the field.

Our aim is simple: to supply a range of practical and high quality products that provide genuine value for money.

All products hold the CE quality assurance accreditation providing total peace of mind and we are more than happy to provide technical assistance in the usage of any of our products.

Acuspring has teamed up with five flavours Magazine.

A magazine rooted in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, all about food and health. A great resource for the Clinic waiting room and for patients/clients as a seasonal support.

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Please click on the Free Download link to view the introductory issue!

Recommended Course by Tom Wilson

Course title: An Integrated Approach to Bodywork: the Application of Point Combinations with Myo- facial and Neuro- Muscular Release.

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Chinese Medicine Nutrition Course by Daverick Leggett and Graeme McCracken

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